At Remarc Manufacturing we take pride in our work and making sure that our high standards of quality are always met. We treat each job with the same diligence and give them the attention to detail they deserve to ensure those standards are fulfilled. Follow our Process below!


When first receiving a request for quote or purchase order we check everything thoroughly. We verify material, dimensions, tolerances, machinery and tooling needed, and we verify that part models match the prints. Once this is complete we create a traveler for each part of each job. The traveler will include all the necessary prints, IDR’s (inspection dimension reports), and a list of all the in-house and outside processes of the part. This traveler will stay with the parts throughout the entire process ensuring everything is done efficiently and correctly.


Throughout the job process we will perform first article and final inspection using any variety of our regularly calibrated measuring equipment. We have an impressive variety or calipers (6” – 60”), micrometers (0-1” all the way to 30”), intra-micrometers up to 5”, depth micrometers, height gauges, bore gauges, pin gauges, surface plates, and much more insuring we have whatever we need to accurately check every part. During this process, we fill out the IDR’s and keep them on file long after the parts leave our facility.


Once the job is complete, inspection is done, and the IDR’s are filled out, the travelers and parts move to the final stage where all the information and job processes are verified. Once verified, the parts are prepped to be shipped or picked up.


Our customers receive parts in a few diverse ways. Many of them will pick them up here or have us ship them. We also offer delivery using our company pickup trucks or 21-foot flatbed truck.